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April  25, 2017   --Family Day of South Africa   --ANZAC Day of Australia   --Sinai Liberation Day of Egypt   --Liberation Day of Italy   --ANZAC Day of New Zealand   --Army Day of North Korea   --Remembrance Day of Papua New Guinea   --Freedom Day of Portugal   --ANZAC Day of Samoa   --ANZAC Day of Tonga

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Treasured Trees
When visiting a new place, trees are often relegated to the background. But these universal, silent guardians, with branches stretching towards the sky, nourish us. From magical trees in mythology to ancient, living icons, trees are worshipped as totems symbolizing wisdom, strength, longevity, and fertility.Read More >

Rethinking How to Promote Reform in the Mideast and Asia

America's Own Islands in the Sun

Morning Monks of Laos

Noah Webster, America's Word Master

An Encomium for Richard Holloway

Treasured Trees

Suffering of Children in War-Torn Syria ‘Hits Rock Bottom’

Why a Feminist Foreign Policy Is Needed More than Ever

No Doubt About It: Smokefree Laws Cut Heart Attacks in a Big Way

The Indigenous 'People of Wildlife' Know How to Protect Nature

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